The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Hunting

All dogs come from the wolf family so naturally; all dogs have the instinct to hunt in their blood. This can show up when you see your pet ruthlessly ripping the squeaker out of its favorite stuffed chew toy. This reminds the dog of the hunt.

Did you know that there are specific breeds that were actually meant to be good hunting companions? Here are the 5 best dog breeds for hunting.

1. Pointer

The name alone explains why this breed makes for a good hunter. These dogs are capable of pointing out the path to any furry creature. Pointers use their distinct sense of smell to sniff out the tracks of their prey. That’s how they got their name.

This pups nose points them in the right direction. You know they found something when they stand with their nose pointed in a specific direction and one paw off the ground.

2. Golden Retriever

If you remember that movie Air Bud from the 90s, you may think that golden retrievers are good at playing basketball. If so you are sadly mistaken. This dog can play fetch, but not basketball.

What is true about this breed? Golden retrievers are not only cute, cuddly and make for great family dogs, they also make for amazing hunting dogs. This is also a breed that holds its reputation and its name. Golden retrievers are great at retrieving small animals due to their speed and keen and instincts. They also have large jaws to hold an animal in so that it can be returned without too much damage.

3. Blood Hound

Bloodhounds have an amazing sense of smell. These dogs were bred to hunt wild boar, deer and even people. But don’t worry your Bloodhound isn’t out to eat or hurt you, it will just be great at finding you if you ever get lost. All it needs is a piece of your scent.

You can train these dogs to recognize any scent by having an item that smells like a certain human or animal and then having your dog practice finding it. This is the reason you will typically see blood hounds out in nature on hunting trips with their owners.

4. Australian Shepard

Australian shepherds are great for hunting mice around the house. They have amazing eyesight and sense of smell help them to sniff out little rodents. They also have great hearing so they can catch the tiny sound of the pitter-patter of a mouse’s claws.

These dogs also have fantastic hearing. They love to hunt and you may notice that you will have to steer clear of rabbit holes of your walks, as they will quickly catch a bunny if you aren’t paying attention.

5. English Springer Spaniel

If you are hunting and find it hard to get that furry little critter out of its hiding place, you’ll want to have an English Springer Spaniel by your side. These dogs are great at getting animals to come out of small holes.

English Springer spaniels are also referred to as flushing dogs for this reason. People mainly used them to hunt birds. The dog would startle the bird out of it’s hiding place and then their owner would be able to hunt the bird more easily. These dogs are also great for tracking down game animals such as deer.