Top 5 Manufacturers of Dog Food

It’s important to make sure you are feeding your dog the right food. Many health complications can occur from feeding your pet the wrong food.

For example, when a pet food brand puts corn in the recipe, this can cause dogs to lose clumps of hair and suffer from malnutrition. Pets are like children and we wouldn’t feed our children just any old thing! Here’s a list of the top 5 dog food brands and why.

1. Natural Balance

Dogs are bread from wolves and wolves are natural hunters. It only makes sense that your dog would be begging you for a piece of that chicken you sit down to eat at dinner time. If you are looking for a food brand that is top of the line, try Natural Balance.

It comes packed with animal protein like duck to make sure the hunter in your dog is well satisfied. They even make chicken flavor so your dog can get a taste of what you’re having. The best part about this brand is that it can also be delivered straight to your door. Just order through their website!

2. Earthborn Holistic

Do you like to eat organic? Odds are your dog wouldn’t mind making this healthy switch as well. With Earthborn, you can be certain that the ingredients in your pet’s food are all natural and organic.

This way, there are no unhappy surprises. There are so many different flavors to choose from that your dog won’t have to get bored with eating the same food. This brand of food will give your dog the healthy energy it needs to stay happy and stick around for a long time. And with the different flavors, energy boost and high nutritional value, I bet you cannot ask for anything else in dog food.

3. Royal Canine Veterinary Mix

This is a good option for your older dog or your dog that may have just recently suffered from illness. Sometimes when a dog gets sick, they are recommended to be put on a wet food diet to make the process of digestion easier as just like humans, conditions that affect their gastrointestinal systems may leave them badly constipated.

This brand of food comes in an easy to open can. It is low in fat, and high in digestible proteins. This brand was also designed by vets so there is no question that it will be good for your dog’s health.

4. Nutrisca

There are constantly new studies being conducted on the foods that your pet should or shouldn’t eat. Potatoes and grains have been under examination many times.

Some say that in excess, potatoes are not so good for your dog to consume. When it comes to grains there is also the argument that overconsumption could be harmful. With Nutrisca, you don’t have to worry about either one because it is both potato and grain free!

5. Blue Buffalo

With a name like Buffalo, you’re going to expect that this brand will make your pet healthy and strong and you would be right! Blue buffalo makes a special life protection formula recipe that is packed with chicken and brown rice.

No by-products, no wheat, and no soy in this dog food, just hearty wholesome edibles. This brand stands for being healthy and holistic. This is the type of food that will heal your dog from the inside out. When you feed your dog Blue Buffalo, you can feel safe knowing you are feeding your dog true honest food.